Friday, June 15, 2007

A New Beginning, A New Chapter...Part 2


I think what people mostly wouldn't believe is, in my career as a performing artist and musician,

I had burned out...twice

Oh ya...that's right.

Tough to believe huh?

I guess back then, I worked too hard on something and I expected rewards and merit to come too quickly.

Maybe I expect too much of myself.

Well...I guess when you are young and full of driven energy and not having a matured mind and a good sense of direction....that's what happens.

Actually, this could just happen to anyone.'s all different, it has all changed.

I'm a different person now..artistically and creatively.

I have matured over the years, artistically I've grown so much and I'm much more focus as well as being practical, objective and rational about what I do.

For example, when I did "Broadway Parodies Lah!"

I wasn't nervous...not one bit

I was calmed and relaxed and all set,ready to go.

Brian did tell me about how mean the critics can be, but i just didn't care at all

I took that as an opportunity and turn it around and exploit it positively.

All I care was to give my best, and nothing else matters.

Not to mention...enjoy myself at the same time.

Actually it was a new journey for me...

A new beginning, a new's like Part 2 or a new Volume or Updated Edition in my career.

It's another level entirely.

Maturity in ones artistry is priceless.

As a human being, I'm still learning as I go along. Our journey in life is a learning experience and it won't stop.

When we think everything is at the's not. Because's a new beginning......

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