Monday, June 4, 2007

my experience throughout Broadway Parodies Lah!

Like every performer, I've experienced some of the most unexplainable stuff throughout the show.

My biggest fear during the show was my tap routine, as I've stopped doing tap for 4 years.
Thank God it came back.
Thanks to Farah who has been very helpful to me.
I'm so glad that everyone enjoyed it.
My tap plates nearly came off twice during the performance as the screw was a bit loose,
but that didn't stop me from doing my tap well.

Working with Soon Yoon for the "DeListed" was so amazing.
We had a great chemistry together.
How he does that split every nite sure was incredible.
Give me a million Euros, I definitely for sure can't do that.

I must say there were days when my tap was perfect during the show and there were some days where it was totally appauling.
I knew when i didn't do well as I do expect myself to a certain level and standard where I wanna be perfect.
Am I demanding too much of myself? YES!! As i'm a perfectionist.

The funniest thing about this show was when I was approached by Brian to become "The Bomoh of The Bursa".
I had no idea whatsoever how to come about, but I said yes.
During rehearsal, it's totally different as I couldn't bring the Bomoh to life.
It was during the tech rehearsal as well as full dressed rehearsal, I had an idea how to make it really "alive" and totally hilarious.
As for Doreen, what can i say...amazing voice. How does she hit those high notes every nite....fantastic.
Soon Yoon the beginning, I couldn't keep a straight serious face when he got "possessed".LOL

As for "Aiyo", there were times during rehearsal, I am suppose to fall off the chair at the end of the song.
I only fell twice during the show and 1 was during our final performance.
Glad i did...hehehehe

I have no comment on my other dance routines as it came out perfectly and naturally.
Come to think of it, I was almost in every dance routine there was.

I had no pressure during the rehearsal of the entire show.
It had given me the least tension compare to other shows I had done in the past.

I would definitely do it again if it get re-staged
Or a sequel, part 2...
Who knows, right?

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