Monday, June 4, 2007

Broadway Parodies Lah!

1st of all, I wanna thank all of you for coming to see the show, thanks for your support.
It's totally amazing and unexpected to see the show to become a major success.
I never expected it. In fact, none of us expected it either.
Objectively, all I wanna do is to perform and enjoy myself as well entertain others with my God-given talents, but to have a full house and sold out show entirely from beginning til we's so unbelievable.

I must say doing Broadway Parodies Lah! has been a wonderful experience to me.
I get to meet other fellow performers and artists who are just like me
plus it's a great learning experience.
It has taken me to another level as a "triple-threat" performer.

I just felt as if it was yesterday when I auditioned for this show.
I remembered...I was a bit late for my audition and I just barged thru the room when Cheryl was still auditioning.
That's when I first met Cheryl. She was singing a song from "Wicked".

I knew Brian a long time ago when we were in a production of "Stand And Deliver" in 1990.
As for Farah, she was my dance teacher who trained me for jazz and tap.

Time sure flies very fast when we were having fun I must say.
We had 7 weeks to put up the show.
And by week 3, we finished all the 26 songs.
From week 4 onwards, it was just polishing and brushing up our acts.

We totally pull it off at the end.
The audience were constantly tickled with laughter throughout the show.
As a performer, I would say, I've done my job well.

I will truly miss our rehearsal days...Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.
What can I say...every good thing which starts must come to an end.
Doing BPL will always be one of my sweetest memory.


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I really like it man!