Monday, June 4, 2007

Voice, voice, voice

What happens when I go on stage and suddenly nothing comes out?
Kinda scary!

During "Broadway Parodies Lah!", I truly admire the 4 vocalists in the group...
Ivan, Soon Yoon, Doreen & Cheryl.

Ivan...great tenor voice (even though he keeps admitting he's a baritone LOL),
real solid tone.
I hope there will be more musicals & shows coming his way and I think he should be given a chance.
Hope he'll go places in the future.

Soon Yoon...what can I say, a real ball of energy. Before the show starts, he'll be singing and he can go on and on and on, wish I got that kinda of energy. I'm truly his opposite, where before performances, I will keep silence and focus my energy entirely for my performance.
Soon Yoon is a real tenor and has a much lighter weight on his voice compare to me.
I have a great chemistry working with Soon Yoon for "We're DeListed".
We can harmonize well and I can see that he's got a lot of ideas when it comes to harmonizing in a group.

Doreen...our very own "Christine Dae"
Great soprano voice.
How does she hit the high notes every nite for "The Bomoh of the Bursa" and not to mention, maintaining the quality...amazing.
She's always been very helpful to all the cast as she will lead the vocal warm-ups.
At one time during the final few weeks of rehearsal, she had some viral infection and she couldn't sing out, we were all so scared if she couldn't sing during the performance week.
Thank God she recovered fast and we have our "Christine Dae" back again ;)

Cheryl...the youngest member of the cast.
Fresh young tone, energetic and not to mention very matured for her age.
She reminds me of myself when I was her age.
At such a tender age, she's very focus and I can see that she really wants to excel in performing arts.
I really respect her.
A true "Wicked" fan, I was blown away when she sang "Defying Gravity" at The Attic.
I would say good luck to her for her future endeavor as she's got so much potential.

As for me, my vocals are much lower compare to the rest of them.
I'm a baritone tenor or higher baritone as how you may call it. My tones are low and it can sound really heavy.
Well, I never like to talk about my vocal abilities as I leave it to others to evaluate it.

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