Friday, July 13, 2007

A Long Time Ago...

Brian McIntyre, my director of Broadway Parodies Lah! (1st left), Pan Swee Chin (2nd left), me in brown & Chae Lian of Gardner & Wife (right next to me) in Stand And Deliver, 1990
Me in brown (centre), Pan Swee Chin (left) and Chae Lian of Gardner & Wife (right) in Stand And Deliver, 1990
Where does it all started everyone asked?
Well it began in 1990 where I was one of the ensemble member of the musical Stand And Deliver
I was only 9 when i started
My has been that long
In this production was when I get to know a lot of veteran theatre performers in this city. Just to name a director of Broadway Parodies Lah!, Brian McIntyre, Chae Lian of Gardner & Wife, Sandra Sodhy, Suzan Manen, Pan Swee Chin, Siau Suan....they are all still active in the theatre of KL.

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