Saturday, July 14, 2007

Broadway Parodies Lah! missing pics

Doreen & me...a few minutes til we open the show

Me & Cheryl Tan, a new promising star performer...only 18 and has so much potential
Kinda remind me when I was her age.

Me & Joanne Kam, the comedienne diva. She always have something to make us laugh behind stage, which truly helps us not to feel too tense before we hit the stage.

Joanne & Doreen ..a few minutes before the show starts

Me & Ivan Choong, another potential new star...great singing voice.
We are the 2 "London boys" in the show, he lives in Maida Vale while Chiswick
I wouldn't have known him if weren't for the show which brought us together

Hi, here are some of the pics taken during Broadway Parodies Lah!
Sorry for the delay

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