Friday, July 13, 2007

Once...when i was a Sayang Dancer, junior batch

Me (3rd from the right) and my pals chilling out after our jazz class at Sayang Academy of Dancing, 1991

Me in black (centre), Farah Sulaiman (behind me) for one of our many performances for RTM's Hiburan Minggu Ini (HMI). This one is in 1991.

I must say I am proud to be 1 of the junior batch of the Sayang Dancer, under the guidance of Farah Dato'Sulaiman -my dance teacher and mentor.

She's also like a big sister to me.

It's been 1 of my greatest moments during my teens as I get to be trained in jazz & tap.

I remembered back then, against my parents wishes, I took my dance lessons without their knowledge

I would take a bus from PJ and walk up the hill to Bangsar, just for my lessons every Saturday.

I don't know what really got into me, but the passion & drive was very strong....

bottom line...i just wanna learn and gain knowledge

I believe all the sacrifice I made over the years truly pays off as it became clear to me now more than ever.

Hard work, perseverance, self-belief, positivity....and a good clear heart,all the key to success

I do still continue dancing whenever I can

But once....someone told me "Once you are a dancer, you are always a dancer"

Is that right....?

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