Friday, July 13, 2007

Farah & me

Farah & me, on RTM's HMI in 1991

Farah & me on Broadway Parodies Lah! 2007 (did I grow a bit taller now?)

My God, how time flies
It was just like yesterday when I 1st met Farah Sulaiman and attended her jazz and tap classes
Then suddenly, I'm working with her on a professional level for Broadway Parodies Lah!
What can I say, it's such an enjoyable moment to be reunited with her and not to mention, working with her on a different level
I'm no longer the same kid back I've all grown up & matured (yes, and have grown a little taller too...hehehehe) artistically and creatively
If there's gonna be a sequel/part 2 for BPL..I definitely do it again

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